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Jennifer Harris Class of 1978 Passes

Sam Bailey Class of 1956 Passes

Janis Willis Class of 1970 Passes

George Green Class of 1975 Passes

Mickey Futrell Class of 1974 (DNG} Passes

Woody Horn Class of 1966 (DNG) Passes

W.T. Dillingham Class of 1965 (DNG) Passes

Cindy Lou Pruitt Class of 1970 passes

Coke "Skip" Crawford Cass of 1954 Passes

Peggy Willliams Class of 1965 (DNG) Passes

Bobby White Class of 1956 Passes

Steve Cook Class of 1969 Passes

Richard Hurt Class of 1973 Passes

Bobbye Jean Mathis Class of 1952 Passes

Virginia Cole Class of 1945 Passes

Jacqueline Pinson Class of 1957 Passes

Attie Jo Taylor Class of 1957 Passes

Gerald Beaton Class of 1957 Passes

Claudette Wilson Class of 1953 Passes

Elissa King Class of 1973 Passes

Betty McMillin Class of 1953 Passes



CHS Class of 1930

The class of 1930 graduated 18 students and was staffed by 5 faculty members.   PhotGallery


  1. Charles V. Cooper (Principal, English, Math)
  2. Mrs. Mary Enochs (Home Economics)
  3. Miss Rosa Hillsman (English, Latin)
  4. Oren Wells (Science, Coach)
  5. E.E. Wright (Superintendent)


  1. Eunice Allen
  2. Wilma Belew
  3. Mildred Boyd
  4. Thedford Brown
  5. Bessie Mae Evans
  6. Thomas Foust
  7. Arista McDaniel
  8. Frances McGee
  9. Raymond Lawrence Neal
  10. Lewis Willard Park
  11. Reverend C.C. Sled - Pastor 1st Baptist Church, Hollow Rock, TN
  12. Tyler Smith
  13. Gentry Swindell
  14. Dudley D. Vowell
  15. Carlton Walker
  16. Roscoe L. Wilkins
  17. Virginia Wilkins
  18. Clyde Gilford Wyatt