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Mickey Futrell Class of 1974 (DNG} Passes

Woody Horn Class of 1966 (DNG) Passes

W.T. Dillingham Class of 1965 (DNG) Passes

Cindy Lou Pruitt Class of 1970 passes

Coke "Skip" Crawford Cass of 1954 Passes

Peggy Willliams Class of 1965 (DNG) Passes

Bobby White Class of 1956 Passes

Steve Cook Class of 1969 Passes

Richard Hurt Class of 1973 Passes

Bobbye Jean Mathis Class of 1952 Passes

Virginia Cole Class of 1945 Passes

Jacqueline Pinson Class of 1957 Passes

Attie Jo Taylor Class of 1957 Passes

Gerald Beaton Class of 1957 Passes

Claudette Wilson Class of 1953 Passes

Elissa King Class of 1973 Passes

Betty McMillin Class of 1953 Passes

Linda Harrington Class of 1970 Passes

Mora Marcella Rice Class of 1942 Passes

Kathy Green Class of 1972 Passes

Eugene Noles Class of 1956 Passes

Added Class of 2000

Vonnell Brinkley Class of 1950 Passes

Jimmy Roberts Class of 1663 Passes

Brenda Butler Class of 1958 Passes

John Cole Class of 1971 Passes

Angela Hatley Class of 1988 Passes

Charlie Hendrix Class of 1972 Passes

Added Class of 1999

Phillip Park Class of 1950 Passes

Mary Ann Blankenship Class of 1961 Passes



CHS Class of 1932

The class of 1932 graduated 33 students and was staffed by 6 faculty members. PhotGallery Index


  1. Charles V. Cooper
  2. Mrs. G.S. Funderburk - Rosa M. Funderburk (Teacher)
  3. J.L. Hodge (Coach)
  4. Miss Jewel Reed (Teaher)
  5. Miss Marjorie Smith (French)
  6. E.E. Wright (Principal)


  1. Spurgeon Boyd
  2. Helen Florence Brinkley
  3. John Daniel Brown
  4. John Vernon Butler
  5. Ruby Butler
  6. Helen Cawthon
  7. Odell Clark
  8. Jerry Leslie Cole
  9. Mabel Conger
  10. J.D. Cooper
  11. Clyde "Mutt" Durden
  12. Gustus "Gus" Durden
  13. Thelma Easley
  14. Frank Elkins
  15. Melvin Ellis
  16. Joe Ted Herndon
  17. Mary Herndon
  18. Virgil Leon Hurt
  19. John E. Isbell
  20. Elva Kee
  21. Neill Kee
  22. Marie Lyell
  23. Annie Florence McAuley
  24. Lila Mae McAuley
  25. Evelyn Merrick
  26. Carolyn Moore
  27. Brooxie Nell Park
  28. Weldon Wade Pinkley
  29. Mary Sue Sanders
  30. Rebecca Stephenson
  31. Birdie Thomas
  32. Clarice Thomason
  33. Bonnie Walker