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Jimmy Dale Harris Class of 1966 Passes

Patrick Hicks Class of 1990 Passes

Clay Wilson Class of 1973 Passes

Nelle Smothers Class of 1951 Passes

Gina Harrington Class of 1985 Passes

Corey Allen Class of 1997 Passes

Beckie Cole Class of 1964 Passes

Anna Atchley Class of 1966 Passes (Recent found obituary)

Sammie Larkinns Clas of 1855 Passes

Tony Davis Class of 1966 (DNG) Passes

Phyllis Goodman Class of 1964 Passes

Rita Pace Class of 1969 (DNG) Passes

Aline Cary Class of 1947 Passes

Jerry Young Class of 1960 Passes

Frances Moore Class of 1962 Passes

Cheryl Tucker Anderson Class of 1969 Passes

Joe Hendrix Class of 1974 Passes

Harold Allen Stevens Class of 2008 Passes

Christine Mathis Class of 1942 Passes

David Higdon Class of 1974 Passes

Class of 1969 Reunion in 2019

Ted Harrell Presson Class of 1967 Passes

Barbara Woodard Class of 1958 Passes

Ryan Bennett Class of 2008 Passes

Melba Luckett, Former Teacher Passes

Nelda King Class of 1962 Passes

Jeffrey Pierce Class of 1985 Passes

Billy Patterson Class of 1967 Passess

Jennifer Harris Class of 1978 Passes

Sam Bailey Class of 1956 Passes

Janis Willis Class of 1970 Passes

George Green Class of 1975 Passes

Mickey Futrell Class of 1974 (DNG} Passes

Woody Horn Class of 1966 (DNG) Passes

W.T. Dillingham Class of 1965 (DNG) Passes

Cindy Lou Pruitt Class of 1970 passes



CHS Class of 1942

The class of 1942 graduated 41 students and was staffed by 9 faculty members. PhotoGallery Index


  1. Miss Virginia Brashear
  2. Mrs. Carline Brower
  3. Charles V. Cooper - (Principal)
  4. R. J. Sedberry
  5. H. B. Smith (Superintendent)
  6. Miss Marjorie Smith
  7. Clarice Thomason
  8. S. Leonard Tyler (Coach)
  9. Oklemae Walker


  1. Jewell Bennett
  2. Frances Olive Blackwell
  3. Ellen Bogle
  4. Clarence Walton Butler
  5. Rachel R. Butler
  6. William Bernice Clark
  7. Louise Cole (Secretary)
  8. Roe Butler Cox
  9. Mary Frances Easley
  10. Juanita Fristoe
  11. William Voris Fry, Jr.
  12. Martha Frances Fulgham
  13. Florine Hargrove
  14. Hazel Harris (Did not graduate)
  15. Oscar Harris (Did not graduate) 
  16. Laura Jane Herndon
  17. Ruth Marie Hester
  18. Jack Hickman
  19. Loretta Hudson
  20. William Alvin Jones
  21. Vernon Joslin
  22. Christine Mathis
  23. Mary Nell McAdams
  24. Joseph C. Mitchell
  25. Argie Jean Nelson
  26. Helen Marie Nelson (President)
  27. Buster Bernice Norden (Vice-President) - Obituary
  28. Bennie Irene Pickler
  29. Rubin Junior Pinson
  30. Mora Marcella Rice
  31. Bruce Robinson
  32. Rachel Scates
  33. James Ray Shawl (Treasurer)
  34. Jessie Smothers
  35. Martha Louise Stafford
  36. Herron Swearingen (Did not graduate)
  37. Howard Taylor
  38. Dorothy Jane Vowell
  39. Juanita Walker
  40. Inez Weatherly
  41. Laura Virginia Webb
  42. Thelma Inez Wilson
  43. Mary Ellen Woodward
  44. Marjorie Wright
  45. Neely Wright (Did not graduate) Obituary