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Marjorie Vowell Class of 1957 Passes

Dawn Pekarchick Class of 1976 Passes

hilip McMillin Class of 1969 Passes

Joan Butler Class of 1951 Passess

Glenda Robison Class of 1964 Passes 

Class of 1967 Reunion in 2022

Floyd Cole Class of 1949 Passes

Julia Cavender Class of 1951 Passes

Bobbie Jean Dove Class of 1957 Passes

Rickey Lee Bowker Class of 1967 Passes

Mary Ann Pierce Class of 1967 Passes

Renee Hopper Class of 1973 Passes

Charles Melton Class of 1973 Passes

Bethany Wright Class of 1975 Passes

Mark Edward Jameson Class of 1985 Passes 

Troy Smothers Former School Board Member Passes

Natalie Park Class of 1985 Passes

John Davis Class of 1985 Passes

Added The Class of 2004

Gail Shawl Class of 1971 Passes

Jonte Willis Class of 2002 Passes

Added Class of 2005

Loretta Harris Class of 1962 Passes

Jimmie Turneer Class of 1960 Passes

Debbie Durden Class of 1974 Passes

Jimmy Carey, Jr. Cass of 1989 Passes

Mark Campbell Class of 2009 Passes

Carolyn Ellis Class of 1967 (DNG) Passes

 Added The Class of 2003

Paul Williams Class of 1966 Passes

Added The Class of 2002

James Larry Cooper Class of 1967 Passes

Mary Lou Reed Class of 1969 (DNG) Passes

Zachary Knuutila Class of 2010 Passes

Gene McMackins Class of 1955 Passess

John Lewis Class of 1981 Passes

Ray Luther Class of 1968 Passes

Bobby Joe Geans Class of 1958 Passes

Joseph Hernndon Class of 1966 Passes

Bobby Blankenship Class of 1968 Passes

Joe Barker Class of 1963 (DNG)

Corey Emerson Class of 2016 (DNG)

Preston Young Class of 2013 Passes

Nicholas Baker Class of 1997 Passesr

Celia Harris Class of 1975 Passes

Ruth Joyner Class of 1946 Passes

Sherry Cox Class of 1952 Passes

Beth Cary Class of 1969 Passes

Barbara Durden Class of 1957 Passes

Jimmy Glisson Class of 1963 Passes

Jimmy Hammett Class of 1968 Passes

Frankie Howard Chapple Class of 1978 Passes

Timothy McCauley Class of 1981 Passes

Roy Holladay Class of 1965 Passes

Thomas Michael Pekarchick Class of 1981 Passes

Jim Doty Class of 1943 Passes

Jimmy French Class of 1962 Passes

Gary Selph Class of 1969 Passes

John Wayne Boyd Class of 1967 Passes

Bill Sills Class of 1958 Passes

Ted Lowry Class of 1953 Passed

Added The Class of 2001

Tony Haskins Class of 1976 Passes

Mickey Butler Class of 1979 Passes 

Janet Neely Class of 1967 Passes

Marcus Wallace Class of 1987 Passes

James "Sonny" Daniel Class of 1957 Passes

Ronnie Barker Class of 1968 Passes

Kelly Lynn Mitchell Class of 1997 Passes

Bobby Bouldin Class of 1959 Passes

Tim Joyner Class of 1970 Passes

Rebecca Gambling Class of 1957 Passes

Carol Jean Elkins Class of 1961 Passes

Norman Hillard Class of 1960 Passes

Gary Johnston Class of 1972 Passes

Henry Elbern Turner Class of 1956 Passes

Jimmy Dale Harris Class of 1966 Passes

Patrick Hicks Class of 1990 Passes

Clay Wilson Class of 1973 Passes

Nelle Smothers Class of 1951 Passes

Gina Harrington Class of 1985 Passes

Corey Allen Class of 1997 Passes

Beckie Cole Class of 1964 Passes

Anna Atchley Class of 1966 Passes (Recent found obituary)

Sammie Larkinns Clas of 1855 Passes

Tony Davis Class of 1966 (DNG) Passes

Phyllis Goodman Class of 1964 Passes

Rita Pace Class of 1969 (DNG) Passes

Aline Cary Class of 1947 Passes

Jerry Young Class of 1960 Passes

Frances Moore Class of 1962 Passes

Cheryl Tucker Anderson Class of 1969 Passes

Joe Hendrix Class of 1974 Passes

Harold Allen Stevens Class of 2008 Passes

Christine Mathis Class of 1942 Passes

David Higdon Class of 1974 Passes

Class of 1969 Reunion in 2019

Ted Harrell Presson Class of 1967 Passes

Barbara Woodard Class of 1958 Passes

Ryan Bennett Class of 2008 Passes

Melba Luckett, Former Teacher Passes

Nelda King Class of 1962 Passes

Jeffrey Pierce Class of 1985 Passes



Hollow Rock-Bruceton School Yearbook of 1970    


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The CHS class album of 1970 has 802 students with 694 students in the Bruceton School, 108 students in the Hollow Rock School and graduated 50 seniors. 


For now I am listing seniors and faculty members only.


CHS Faculty: 

  1. Nancy Birdwell
  2. Douglass Braden
  3. Shirley Braden
  4. Carlene Brower
  5. Judy Cox
  6. Tommy Crews
  7. Bonita Crissman
  8. Raymond Dunavant
  9. Margaret, Miss Jenkins
  10. W. D. King (Elementary Principal)
  11. Jack Lucas (High School Principal)
  12. Ronnie Pritchard
  13. Harold H. Reed (Superintendent)
  14. Larry Robison
  15. Willis E., Jr. Shaw
  16. Miss Marjorie Smith
  17. Sandra Wilkes

Seniors: 50 Students

  1. Julia Dean Allen 
  2. David Wayne Barnhill 
  3. Louis Hearn, Jr. Bogle 
  4. Joyce Ann Bryant 
  5. Edward Steven Cary 
  6. Robert Michael Cooper Secretary
  7. Betsy Wanda Crider 
  8. Karen Rose Dove President
  9. Kathi Alice Dove 
  10. Emily Dunlap 
  11. Elizabeth Marie Edwards 
  12. Murray Gordon, Jr Ford 
  13. Jennifer Jo Freeland 
  14. Brenda Gail French 
  15. Kenneth Ray Garton 
  16. Linda Janet Glover 
  17. Candace Suzanne Hall 
  18. Carolyn Lois Hampton 
  19. Linda Gail Harrington 
  20. Joseph Donald Higdon 
  21. Tony Stephen Hollingsworth Vice-President
  22. Bobby Joe Hollowell 
  23. Nancy Christine Horton 
  24. Marna Earline Hudspeth 
  25. Linda Faye Joyner 
  26. Timothy Wayne Joyner 
  27. Anne Morrow Keeton 
  28. Judy Lou King 
  29. Billy Ray Lowe 
  30. Gary Lee McMillin Treasurer
  31. Helen Diane Murchison 
  32. James Edward, Jr. Nesbitt 
  33. William Arthur Pace 
  34. Nelson McKenly Park 
  35. Phyllis Ann Park 
  36. Theodore Raymond Pierce Sergeant-at-Arms
  37. Cindy Lou Pruitt 
  38. Daniel Morris Roberts 
  39. Stephen Dan Rook 
  40. Mary Katheryn Sade 
  41. James Luke Sanders 
  42. Weldon Taylor Smothers 
  43. Linda Mae Swift Reporter
  44. Linda Evelyn Thorne 
  45. Larry Dale Turner 
  46. James Wayne Webb 
  47. Leo Herbert Wilkinson 
  48. Janet Marian Willis 
  49. Janis Marie Willis 
  50. John Richard Wood