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Class of 1969 Reunion in 2019

Ted Harold Presson Class of 1967 Passes

Barbara Woodard Class of 1958 Passes

Ryan Bennett Class of 2008 Passes

Melba Luckett, Former Teacher Passes

Nelda King Class of 1962 Passes

Jeffrey Pierce Class of 1985 Passes

Billy Patterson Class of 1967 Passess

Jennifer Harris Class of 1978 Passes

Sam Bailey Class of 1956 Passes

Janis Willis Class of 1970 Passes

George Green Class of 1975 Passes

Mickey Futrell Class of 1974 (DNG} Passes

Woody Horn Class of 1966 (DNG) Passes

W.T. Dillingham Class of 1965 (DNG) Passes

Cindy Lou Pruitt Class of 1970 passes



Buena Vista School

I have a few pictures from the Buena Vista School. The dates range from the mid 1920's to possibly the very early 1940's. Many of the students in the earlier pictures are not identified. Please view these pictures and help me identify them or make corrections if any are mis-identified. If you can add information, please contace me at ewyat@charter.net

I will start with the older picturs first.

This picture is in the mid to late 1920's